Tactical Walking Stick for Survival and Camping

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The Tactical Walking Stick is the ultimate camping and survival tool. Part trekking pole, part saw, part fishing spear, part knife, part hammer, part fire starter, and all badass. This isn’t some cheap piece of plastic. The parts screw together tightly, and the whole thing has a kind of heft that makes it feel great in the hand.

It works great as a simple walking stick or trekking pole with the tools safely concealed inside. Run into a little trouble on the trail? This thing is heavy and sturdy enough to administer a sound ass-whooping, should the situation call for it.

Take apart the whole thing and you can stash it in the included shoulder bag if you find yourself hiking with your hands full or need to do a little climbing. 

Color: black, gray
Material: aluminum alloy
Size: length 106cm
Function: file, harpoon,fire stick, bottle opener, etc.

It has high hardness, wear resistance, toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It has high precision engraving and excellent grip.

Made in China

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Peterson

Love it. Excellent craftsmanship. Won't hit the trail without it.

Betty Clark

Tactical Walking Stick for Survival and Camping

Bob Bahrs
A stick that is good for so many things!

I will use the Walking Stick mainly as portable weightlifting bar that I use with rubber bands. It fits nicely in my luggage, assembles quickly in the hotel room, and is strong enough for any weight rubber band. I got two extra pieces to make it long enough for Snatch and Overhead Squats. It also gives me peace of mind to have a weapon at hand while traveling in case of any chaotic issues.

Alan Jones

Tactical Walking Stick for Survival and Camping

Robert Jeske

Nice walking stick, I use it a lot and the sickle has come in handy when I ran into some brush I had to get through.